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Virtual Adoptions

Have you ever wanted an amazing animal, but the city code or HOA won't allow it? 

Virtually adopt an animal here at Tuff's Animal Rescue at Tuff's Ranch, and come visit whenever you'd like!


For less than $1 a day, ($30/month) YOU can virtually adopt a goat!

Kid Feeding Goats_edited.jpg


For less than $2 a day, ($50/month) YOU can virtually adopt an emu!


For less than $3 a day, ($70/month) YOU can virtually adopt an alpaca!


General Care Monthly Subscriptions

Monthly Subscriptions are Available for general care costs such as medical, upkeep, infrastructure, and feed. 

Examining Goat on Ranch
Image by Joakim Honkasalo
Image by Georgi Kalaydzhiev
Image by Zoe Schaeffer

$25 / month

$35 / month

$45 / month

$55 / month


Animals Available for Educational Lease



Walker is a male Pomeranian Duck, approximately 2 years old. He is bonded with Starlight and has an angel wing. He is fairy social and chatty. Walker is mostly passive but makes superior watch birds, as he is inclined to welcome visitors loudly.


Daisy is a female Khaki Campbell of unknown age. She is bonded with Daffy. This good-natured, easy-to-maintain girl will enhance the landscape of your farm or backyard, and you can also count on her to forage all day, eliminating garden pests and running off small vermin.


Starlight is a female Rouen Duck, approximately 2 years old. She is bonded with Walker. Rouen ducks are prized for their docile, easygoing nature. They are vigorous and healthy. Rouens are quite calm, with the word “majestic” used by many hatcheries to describe them. As waterfowl, they need water and require lots of space to walk around and forage on dry land.


Daffy is a male Indian Runner duck of unknown age. He is bonded with Daisy. Indian Runners originated on the islands of Indonesia. Like penguins, they stand erect and run instead of waddle.

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